1. A new characterization of discrete decomposable models. Joint with Liam Solus. Submitted.

  2. Representation of Context-Specific Causal Models with Observational and Interventional Data. Joint with Liam Solus. Submitted.

  3. Algebraic geometry of discrete interventional models. Joint with Liam Solus. Submitted.

  4. Groebner bases for staged trees. Joint with Lamprini Ananiadi. To appear in Algebraic Statistics.

  5. Implicitization of tensor product surfaces via virtual projective resolutions. Joint with Alexandra Seceleanu. To appear in Mathematics of Computation.

  6. Global projections of the soil microbiome. Carlos Guerra, Manuel Delgado Baquerizo, Eliana Duarte, Fernando T. Maestre and Nico Eisenhauer. To appear in Global Ecology and Biogeography.

  7. Discrete statistical models with rational MLE. Joint with Orlando Marigliano and Bernd Sturmfels. To appear in Bernoulli.

  8. Equations defining probability tree models. Joint with Christiane Gorgen.

  9. Implicitization of tensor product surfaces in the presence of a generic set of basepoints.

  10. Polynomial GCDs by syzygies. Joint with Daniel Lichtblau.

  11. Tensor product surfaces and linear syzygies. Joint with Hal Schenck.

  12. Stability of quasicrystal frameworks in 2D and 3D. Joint with George K. Francis.

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NASO. Rigidity Seminar. MathCore May 12.